The concept of beauty, as it principally applies to women, is Deborah Paswaters' signature image. Throughout the years, she has evolved a slightly imperfect Venus figure, a gossamer siren in a long flowing gown that Paswaters places in intriguing architectural settings--painted environments or real wood cabinets, doors, stain glass windows, or carved into clay, often with a large flower that echoes female loveliness.


That morning, I submitted myself as a model to Deborah Paswaters, the Laguna Beach artist who paints live people near the festival's front entrance. As the artist circled the podium and dolloped colors around my body, a father and daughter passed by and stopped to gawk.


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We’re fascinated by Deborah Paswaters’ abstract figure paintings, which are often accompanied by “living model sculptures” at shows and exhibitions. Combining color, light, poetry and performance, her work has received acclaim from both private collectors and art exhibitors.

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We attended Scottsdale Wearable Artwalk and experienced a unique event at the Calvin Charles Gallery on Marshall Way. Figurative Artist, Deborah Paswaters broke away from the 2-D discipline of figure painting to work with living sculpture.


To me, as a true creative, every minute life experience, emotion, insight, and dream coalesce together in a moment of a brush stroke. The mystery and surprise of the creative journey flows onto canvas and takes random unpredictable turns. Inspiration is my fuel source.


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