Deborah Paswaters is a visual and multi-media artist whose Abstract and Figurative style conveys the human figure through her evolving creations. She captures the pure energy of human essence, where pose equates an energy and emotion to be interpreted by each viewer. Her paintings often relate to dance, poetry, fashion or performance. The Sculptures evoke the motion and curvilinear essences of the body as though captured in a moment of movement.

Inspired by light, Paswaters presents the figure as inspiration while she explores the ever-changing life-art relationship. Her “Living Sculpture”  transforms the “Painted model” into the “work of art” and functions as installation and performance alongside canvas, showcasing the artist’s creative process.

“Color and light flow between the figure and the surrounding realms in my work. To me, there exists no separation. The figures’ energy field radiate into the air, the environment and beyond our bodies.”


The artist’s painted canvas, sculpture, ceramic, photography, collage, combined objects, works on paper, and poetry interplay with the artist’s personalized signature surfaces. The artists’ creations have recently expanded into unique haute couture and accessories.

Paswaters’ artwork is represented and exhibited by galleries nationally and internationally.
Deborah Paswaters

My Life:

When I create there is no separation of the true potential creative from each breath in my life.  I feel the creative is the highest energy, which transcends through my brush, my hand, my vision through the media – the media is a powerful conduit for conveying what needs to be communicated through the artwork. I feel it is an ability beyond my consciousness, and therefore a practice that is continually expanding and growing its reach.  

The Creative, to me, feels as though I can reach in to the body with my eyes! …while expanding that energy to the surrounding space

Delving beyond the physical representation of “figure”, I feel I allow a conduit for energy, color and movement of human-“being” – beyond the traditional male or female representation or standard pose, I feel I tap into the Divine Feminine or pure masculine to transform into the art, perhaps a larger relationship develops as a connection to the greater human consciousness.  Through this, the viewer may identify their own interpretation surpassing ego, just as I allow the creative ability to have freedom via inspiration. The Muses are important participants in all modalities, and I adore how they cross cultures, borders and unite humanity through the arts.

My process:

Experimenting continually with mixed-media is a passion and an opportunity to expand the ongoing art-science relationship. I am enthused to continue this journey, playing with media, science and emotion, where what is created continues the development of the arts and sciences for our future.

I create often with live models in the studio, inspired by movement, and allow my models freedom to “be” in natural pose. Rather than “pose” my models in structured stagnation, I will capture a dancers moves by painting on several canvases at once, and translating “moments of movement” onto the canvas. I prefer capturing the leap mid-air, rather than using falsity of props or tying up the model.

The Studio:

The world is my studio.  The studio is my sanctuary.  My sacred space devoted to the Muses and filled with my creative chaos, where a multitude of palettes continually develop upon large tables.  Mirrors, small and large scale canvases, sculptures and painted gowns exist together in such beautiful light, where I create daily into the dark.  Throughout weeks, months, years, I Whitile creative days into nights until using one small lamp for light source to magnify intriguing cast shadows. I have a responsibility to capture the outside world experiences and translate those feelings back into the studio.


Deborah Paswaters Studio


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